Saturday, July 25, 2009

Popularizing 'Culture': The Marketing of Indigeneity and Cultural Expression

The Consortium on Human Rights and Expressive Culture will hold its
next online discussion with the theme: "Popularizing 'Culture': The
Marketing of Indigeneity and Cultural Expression" from August 17th
through August 24th, 2009. We will be discussing popular notions of
"culture" as propagated by both popular media and commercial marketing
strategies. We will also examine the effects of co-opting the
elements of expressive culture for popular consumption in the global
scene. To explore this issue further, we will also discuss the
postcolonial rift between the scholarly study of peoples and the
marketing of indigenous peoples/indigeneity, and what these different
representations of culture imply. The reading list is posted below.

1) Creative Women, Inc.

2) Enloe, Cynthia. 1990.
“Carmen Miranda On My Mind: International Politics of the Banana” in Bananas, Beaches, and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics. Los Angeles: University of California Press. pp. 124-150

3) Equator Coffee, Inc.
Chido's Coffee to Support International Food Security

4) Keitumetse, Susan. 2007.
“Celebrating or Marketing the Indigenous? International Rights Organizations, National Governments, and Tourism Creation” in Burns, Peter M. and Marina Novelli (eds.) Tourism and Politics: Global Frameworks and Local Realities. Amsterdam: Elsevier Press pp. 109-122.

5) Moore, Rachel. 1992.
“Marketing Alterity” Visual Anthropology Review 8(2): 16-26.

6) UNESCO. 1995.
“Creativity and Empowerment” in Our Creative Diversity. Report of the World Commission on Culture and Diversity. Paris: UNESCO Publishing pp. 22-24.

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